One Page #Repeal & #Replace the #ACA or #Obamacare



To repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare

March 20, 2017

Mr. Representave of good sense introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Repeal and Replace Promise to the People of the United States


To repeal the Affordable Care Act

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, 



This title may be cited as the “Repeal and Replace Act of 2017”.



(a) Repeal.—The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (42 U.S.C. § 18001 et seq.) is repealed.

(b) Replace—The authority of the Federal Government to regulate health care for the United States NOT present as a power granted to the federal government in the United States Constitution, and in strict adherence to the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the power to regulate health insurance is hereby reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


(a) Grants To States.—From amounts appropriated to carry out this title for a fiscal year, the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall award grants (from allotments made under subsection (b)) to qualified States to enable such States to carry out their charge under the United States Constitition.

(b) Allotment.—From amounts described in subsection (a) for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall allot to each qualified State for that fiscal year an amount that bears the same ratio to those amounts as the number of eligible person in the qualified State (as determined by the Secretary on the basis of the most recent satisfactory data) bears to the number of all eligible person in all States in such year.

(c) Reallotment.—If a State does not receive funds under subsection (b) for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall allot the remainder of such funds to each qualified State in an amount that bears the same ratio to such remainder for such year as the amount received under subsection (b) by such qualified State bears to the amount received under such subsection for such year by all qualified States.

(d) Deficit Reduction.—Any amounts remaining after allotments are made under subsection (c) for a fiscal year shall not be available for any purpose other than deficit reduction.


 (a) Application.—To be eligible to receive a grant under this title, a State shall submit an application to the Secretary that includes assurances that the State will—

(1) grant reciprocity to any insurance company operating in any other state,

(2) make it lawful for any person to elect NO COVERAGE without penalty, fine or tax,

(3) make it unlawful for any insurance company currently insuring a person to cancel insurance or reduce benefits due to pre-exisiting conditions,

(4) provide for a high risk insurance pool for those persons the state deems qualified via a state legislated means test who is unable to purchase insurance on their own or through employer based coverage.


Contempt for #Trump

I’m sure I’m in the minority of people that didn’t vote for President Trump that also don’t have contempt for him but have paid very close attention to politics.  I didn’t vote for Hillary either but I do feel quite a bit of contempt for her.  I didn’t vote for President Obama but I actually liked him as a man – just not as our President.

One of my best friends shared with me in 2000 ( during the Bush v. Gore Floridian Chadgate saga) the following opinion of his that I believe might be as accurate a thing as I’ve heard in regards to Presidential politics.

In all his years of paying attention, whoever won the Presidency had had very little effect on him personally.  Sure, taxes might have gone down or up slightly but mostly, his life was not impacted by who was in the White House.

I believe this is true.  I think we are all being told by the media and politicians to choose teams and when our team loses, it’s got to be because the other team cheated and oh, by the way, the captain of the other team is a lying, cheating, son-of-……

My advice:  stop choosing teams.  Choosing teams is why we’re so divided.  Not all Republicans are racist.  Not all Democrats are tax and spend liberals.  Once we start understanding why the other side believes the way they do, it makes getting along with them a lot easier.  You can’t usually persuade someone to change their opinion by belittling their beliefs.

Anyway, it’s something my friend shared that might be helpful to you.

Massive #VoteFraud Is Possible

I just listened to Shep Smith on Fox News repeat over and over about how voter fraud doesn’t exist?  Are you sure Shep? (by the way, Shep thinks he is now Will McAvoy from the NewsRoom).

In California, according to Section 20107 of Title 2, Subsection (d):

(d) For purposes of this regulation, proof of residency or identity, shall consist of presenting an original or copy of any of the documents described below in either paragraph (1) or (2).
(1) Current and valid photo identification provided by a third party in the ordinary course of business that includes the name and photograph of the individual presenting it. Examples of photo identification include, but are not limited to, the following documents:
(A) driver’s license or identification card of any state;
(B) passport;
(C) employee identification card;
(D) identification card provided by a commercial establishment;
(E) credit or debit card;
(F) military identification card;
(G) student identification card;
(H) health club identification card;
(I) insurance plan identification card; or
(J) public housing identification card.
California alone has an estimated 2.4 million undocumented immigrants according to the Orange County Register. (LINK) and the OC Register estimates that some 830,000 undocumented applicants have sought licenses under Assembly Bill 60.
If all that is necessary to vote in a California election is a photo ID that even the state will issue to an undocumented immigrant, isn’t it possible that there really are 3-5 million that have voted illegally across the country?
Democrats have set up this issue perfectly.  You can’t ask for citizenship papers to someone suspected of being in the country illegally and the state itself will issue government IDs to undocumented workers.
Propagate this scheme across the other 49 states and how quickly could the math rise to the 3-5 million mark?
I’m not a journalist and I found these figures in 10 minutes.  Journalists across the country are failing us all by A) not reporting the facts and B) trying to delegitimize almost everything President Trump says as lies.
Yes, the media is correct in that there is no evidence of massive voter fraud.  YET!  Has anyone investigated it yet,  based on the issuance of government IDs to undocumented workers.
I haven’t seen it.

#Education problem solved

​It has become apparent to me that the best way to solve the education problem in America is to no longer send high school kids to college but instead to send them to Hollywood to become actors and actresses since clearly once you are an actor or actress, you are enlightened and empowered to speak for the country.   No need for Congress, the Court, or the Constitution.   No student loans, no debt.  Problem solved.  You’re welcome.

The #GOP Dilemma – Mitch McConnell

The House Democrats reelected 76 year-old Nancy Pelosi as their leader – again.

This despite losses in almost every political body from the White House at the top all the way down to state legislatures.  The American people have broadly rejected the Democratic message and despite the results, House Democrats decided that Pelosi ought to lead them back to victory.  This may be the result of Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote despite losing the electoral college.  If so, the Democrats have badly misread the electorate.

Sadly, the GOP may share the same problem.  They have a 74-year old Senate Majority leader that had no idea that Trump could win nor, for that matter, that the Republicans would maintain control of the Senate.

Is this because the Senate leader is tuned in to the same media sources as the Democrats?

Keeping McConnell as the majority leader may feel safe because the GOP has been winning at all levels of elections including winning the WH with the electoral college despite losing the popular vote.

Isn’t it time for the GOP to do in the Senate what the Democrats should have done in the House – go younger.  Tim Ryan had a great message that would appeal to a new generation of Democrats.  Will they hear it?

It may be a good thing for the Republicans that Pelosi won.  Ryan’s message is good and appeals to a much larger base than could messaging from the ultra-liberal Pelosi.

The GOP has a great bench in the United States Senate.  Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse, Marco Rubio,  Rand Paul, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and others.

It’s time to prepare the electorate for the future and given that McConnell seems far out of touch, that time is NOW.

On The #Russia “Hack” Lack of Journalism

The lack of journalism exposed in this story.

I find it interesting that no journalist that I’ve seen so far has a source for the alleged hacking of emails that isn’t the United States government.

Can you imagine that Woodward & Bernstein, when investigating Watergate, had just stopped doing their job when they were told no one in the Nixon administration had anything to do with the Watergate break-in?

Can you imagine ALL of the press just propagating the narrative that there was nothing to see and to move on?  Two reporters kept digging and uncovered the truth.  Where has journalism gone?

I have no idea whether Russia hacked into DNC servers because no one has anything to go on other than that a government intelligence agency said that’s what happened.

Have any of our intelligence services been wrong before?  Where is the reporter with a deep throat source within the Russian government?

This story is a sad reminder of just how bad journalism is today.  There are still very good journalists out there but too many others work for large media operations that seem to have no problem letting government spokespeople write the story.